Saturday, 1 March 2014

A new blog, a new beginning

Welcome to the QCI Members blog, a new sister blog to the now defunct love quimper? the original Quimper Club International blog.
Although love quimper has been retired for some time it still continues to receive visitors daily.
In a recent survey, undertaken for the QCI,  club members mentioned how much they missed the resource that the blog provided.

As you may already know the QCI annual meeting this year is to be held in Nice, France September 11- 15,.
To entice and inform us all an amazing amount of information has been gathered much of it appears on the QCI website and some will be printed in the next edition of Le Journal, the Club's newsletter.

This blog has been created as a place for members to not only indulge their love of pottery but also to discuss travel plans, tips and ideas.
Please leave a comment to let us know that you have visited and if you want to join in as a blogger and share something with the us, simply send an email and we'll get you started.


  1. Maggie, just now discovered this new blog. Great idea to have something active going again. I miss Love Quimper! '-)
    I'm one who goes and still visits the archives.

  2. I have inherited Vintage Quimper hndpntd Mistral Blue Breton Fisherman & Woman 12 full + place settings that have been in storage for the past 60+ years and are in excellant condition. I contact you with hope that you could give me some sense of value to put on these, and people I may contact who may have an interest in buying this fine set, or may know of someone else who would be. I would like to find them a home with someone who appreciates Quimper. I am happy to provide pictures. Thank for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. Sarah

    1. Sarah,
      this blog is no longer current please go to the Quimper Club website for more help with your query. There is a link to the QCI website on the side bar of this blog